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​Ester g. Mecías
"the Artist"


​Meritxell Romanos​
"la Freak"
​Laura Cardona
"the Producer"
Marta Xibillé
"the Saint"

Barcelona 2006

Cèlia Prats
"the Singer"

We are an artistic collective form by Ester g. Mecías, Cèlia Prats and Meritxell Romanos. Marta Xibillé and Laura Cardona co-founded the group. Marta is currently developing her teaching job and would have given the category of Saint and Laura the Producer is developing her own projects. They are not present but are always with us!


We question speeches pre-stablish as gender, identity, body or dress. We induced disruptions in the everyday environment to create other possible realities, in order to create subversive narratives to the dominant in our society. We use performance as an artistic practice and as a practice that allows us to investigate new forms of exchange and production knowledge. Formally we qualify as an artistic collective indisciplinar by our willingness to insert in disciplines that are alien to us as architecture, music and fashion.


Recently, we have developed projects, performances, lectures and collaborations, with the support of MUSAC, Antoni Tàpies, QUAM 2012, IMAC, Creation Factory Fabra Coats, Hangar, Fundation la Caixa, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development, Arts Santa Mònica, Experimentem amb l'Art, Master's degree of Art Criticism at the University of Girona, La Casa Elizalde, ebent, Month of Perfornace Berlin, among others.


Les Salonnières were resident project at Can Xalant, Centre for Creation and Contemporary Thought Mataró (2007-2009) and resident at Experimentem amb l’Art (2010-2012), se trasladaron elclimamola, agencia de proyectos artísticos (2012). We are currently resident artists at La Bonne - Women Cultural Centre Francesca Bonnemaison.

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