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In colaboration with Christina Schultz

La Poderosa. Maig 2014 



BREADthCODING és un experiment de creació participativa desde l'estat mental de l'aqui i l'ara. Entrem juntes en aquest estat òptim del moment, ens unim en una recepta performàtica musical.

BREADthCODING es un experimento de creación participativo desde este mindset del aquí y ahora. Entramos juntas en este estado optimo del momento, nos unimos en una receta performática musical.

BREADthCODING It is an experiment in participatory creation from this mindset from here and now. We are together into this optimum state of the moment, we join in a musical performance recipe.

"Bread makes itself, by your kindness, with your help, with imagination streaming through you, with dough under hand, you are breadmaking itself, which is why breadmaking is so fulfilling and rewarding... Recipes do not belong to anyone -- given to me, I give them to you. Recipes are only a guide, a skeletal framework, to be fleshed out according to your nature and desire. Your life, your love, will bring these recipes into full creation " The Tassajara bread book.

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